Managed Services

The SEECSC Managed Security Services increase business security as it allows extensive visibility, improved compliance, quick response and the capability to manage vulnerabilities and cyber threats through the system.

Services and Benefits:

SEECSC’s Managed Security Services include different Cyber security packages to meet your security needs. We develop the best route for our customers to achieve ultimate security state. Our packages provide security solutions to prohibit potential cyber criminals to see the picture of the systems. Also, we provide managed services to include industrial security and information assurance services.

Enhanced Security Protection

The SEECSC Enhanced Security Protection is a set of reliable security protection services that provide customers with improved security protection and detection that is important to overcome cyber challenges.This level of protection allows constant controls-based monitoring and Situational Awareness.The SEECSC first level grants the capability to defend, discover and enhances value to our customer’s essential services and guarantees starting point functions are properly placed and effectively managed.

Extend Security Protection

The SEECSC Extended Security Protection is a set of reliable security protection services that provide customers with advanced data protection, application security, authentication and encryption that is important to overcome cyber challenges.SEECSC second level is combined with Enhanced Protection consisting of improved Situational Awareness and risk specific.

The SEECSC Elevated Security Protection is a set of reliable security protection services that provide customers with advanced threat intelligence, situational awareness, and advanced managed security services, provided by extremely knowledgeable and experienced security experts.

Information Assurance Security

The SEECSC Information Assurance Services provide security program established on knowledge and experience gained through working with businesses in different information sensitive industries. The services include all phases of the security development to decrease risks to businesses by using standard processes and procedures to identify and prevent vulnerabilities and recover if incident occurs. These services decrease the risk and impact related to industry compliance and audit problems.

Industrial SecurityServices

The particular security requirements of an Industrial Control Systems are considerably different from those of business IT. Planning and employing a full cyber defense program applicable to the industrial space involves essential capabilities in cyber security and industrial automation.The SEECSC industrial cyber security services include continuous and proactive protection, and single source expertise.

The SEECSC Industrial Security Services consist of three-phases in managing industrial security. After implementation of the suggested security measures,the SEECSC provides the continuing service to defend business through its lifecycle.

Managed Security Services incorporate and connect all of the services in one managed system with detailed reporting and customer overview.