Incident Response

Incident Response services are available to customers 24/7/365 with access to trained experts who assist them in responding to cyber-related incidents, including cyber attacks, thefts, espionage, advanced persistent threats (APT's), data loss, and data breaches.The SEECSC experts also examine intrusions executed by highly advanced cyber criminals.

Services & Benefits:

Manned with the highly educated and most knowledgeable incident response professionals in the industry, the team responds quickly and assists the organization to overcome the crisis. Our team uses knowledge, skills, and technologies to define the incident and find appropriate solution.
Incident Response team assists in developing strong incident response plan. Our experts also respond and investigate incidents related to nation-sponsored attacks, malware outbreaks, financial crimes, and insider threats.
Using our incident response services, the organization receives instant answers regarding incident, immediate mitigation suggestions, and further resolution steps.