Digital Forensics

In today's increasingly complex business environment, organizations are challenged with various security threats often when the organizations can least afford to deal with them. Our digital forensics team is ready to meet these challenges. Our services help customers recover valuable data and prevent additional economic losses while maintaining business continuity.

The SEECSC methodology is simple. We preserve and analyze digital evidence, and present the findings and results.

Services and Benefits:

The SEECSC is a provider in digital forensic investigations and information security. We provide litigation assistance to the courts and law agencies involved with difficultand sophisticated forensics legal cases. We utilize the newest forensic tools to methodically examine evidence. Our digital forensics experts gather, investigate, and restructure digital evidence from variety of digital devices.

The SEECSC experts offer assistance to litigators and organizations with various sophisticated legal cases including, fraud, child pornography, identity theft, espionage, etc. The collected and investigated evidence is documented in a forensic report that contains the investigation results and findings.