Education Overview

SEECSC researchers, scientists, and experts are leaders in resolving the most challenging and sophisticated cyber security issues. As faculty, they share proven knowledge, expertise, and skills in the field of cyber security.


Improve critical-thinking skills to overcome current and future challenges
Study using our curriculum based on individual audiences and successfully contribute in constructing a cyber-resistant business
Receive a respected qualification from a distinguished university (the SEECSC offer cyber security professional education in cooperation with AUBiH)


The SEECSC offers different training opportunities to meet your education goals:

Teacher-led seminars & training
Online virtual seminars & training
Customized seminars & training for your business
Private courses
On-site seminars & training


Constant changes in cyber security landscape are forcing users to continually educate themselves about the most recent threats. Attending seminars and trainings at the SEECSC helps you stay at the cutting-edge of knowledge and receive the best quality education.

Experts in the field of cyber security at the SEECSC are ready to share their cyber security knowledge, skills, and techniques by teaching seminars and trainings. Our seminar and training courses emphasis skills and techniques to challenge complex issues and create advanced solutions. Cyber security seminars and trainings are intended for executives, directors, managers, and other employees who are interested to advance the knowledge regarding cyber security.

The SEECSC individualy-tailored trainings and seminars for users, organizations, and government agencies in the chosen module. The customized seminars and trainings simply cover business-related information, in shorter sessions at the cheaper class rate. In essence, all modules are designed to meet the customer’s specific training objectives and create value for the participants’ professional development.


Established on a distinctive layout, combining conventional instruction with group learning, online education, and classroom collaborations, the Certificates, Master Degree, and Doctoral Degree programs close anexisting gap in the SEE higher education academic offerings for information security professionals.